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Security Systems
Established in 1994, Alliance Security Services has continued to strive for excellence in the vital business of helping you protect those you love and the things you work so hard for.

Alliance Security Services takes pride in the high level of service we are able to provide. Our goal is to provide each customer with "TOTAL SECURITY". We do this by designing your custom system, installing it, and then monitoring it by following up on every crucial alarm signal. We make sure each and every detail is covered. contracts or "one off" visits if required. We provide our employees with the best training and support programs possible. Rest assured that you will always receive competent and knowledgeable customer service. Our employees are thoroughly instructed when they join us and receive ongoing education as the industry changes. Installation and Service Technicians also receive training through the leading manufacturers whose products we offer. Additionally, background checks are performed on every employee, so you can be assured that all our people are reputable and trustworthy.

Security Systems

Using quality products from top manufacturers, we can secure your family, pets, home and property. Nothing is more important to us than designing and installing a system that not only meets your needs, but gives you peace of mind every time you arm your life safety designed security system. It's not about your possessions; it's about you and yours. Let us help you protect your family and business.

These systems are easy to use. Access your system from your cell phone or computer at work if you want to! Alliance Security Services is a long established leader in reliability, features and service for security systems tailored to customers specific needs. We invite you to let us protect you and your facility.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous. Wireless or wired, we can protect your family from this killer. Make it a part of your monitored security system so you can get help, even if calling is not possible.

Camera Systems

Do you use security video around the house? More and more it's becoming a part of life. Want to see the pictures on your television, computer or separate monitor? No problem. Low-light capabilities and long term recording with our equipment allow you to see what you need to.

Want to view your cameras when you are away from home? Now you can from a mobile device, telephone, or your office! You can even see who's at the door and talk to them when you're not home.

Video Monitoring/CCTV

Everyone wants to see what's going on at their business. With the full line of video monitoring equipment we offer, we can help you keep an eye on your business, even when you're not there! Special low-light capabilities and long term recording make sure you can keep track of everything you should. Remote video viewing, live or recorded, interest you? We can help, whether you want to see it on a television, computer, separate monitor or your mobile device.

Access Control

Outstanding access control solutions are just a phone call away. Let us help you manage your facility or multiple locations by caring for the daily reports, changes and other issues that come up; even issuing new user access

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Alliance Security Services include:

Burglar Alarms
  • Conventional
  • Wireless
  • Analog
  • HD
  • IP
  • Conventional
  • Wireless
Access Control

Security Locks

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