"Service is our business. Perfection is our goal. Satisfaction is our guarantee"
About Us
Alliance Corporation was created in 1996. Our company started off as a Telcom Company. After years of working as an engineer and a service technician in different companies we decided to open our own company. The reason for opening the company was a frustration of working on over hundreds of projects and finding the same problem. Disorganization and poor planning of the project managers. We would get hire to work on a project and when we arrived to work we would have to turn around and go home because the construction workers, electricians or other contractors would be working and we couldn't do our job or worse some contractors wouldn't show up to work, making it impossible to finish our job and give excellence service.

After years of working this way, and loosing time and money, not only us, but especially the clients. We decided to start adding different services to our company. Today we offer over a hundred services and every day we add more. We offer services in real estate, construction, telecommunications, security, fire prevention systems, and electrical services.
Alliance Corporation was created for the sole purpose of providing a one stop shop. Most people when they have a problem they don't know who to call. Sometimes they have to call more than one company. It takes a lot of time and research to find the right contractors. Now you just have to call one company Alliance Corporation. We provide more than 100 services and we add new ones every day. our company has over 20 years of experience.

The Alliance Difference

Your call will be answered by one of our customer care representatives who will listen to your needs. We will schedule a specific appointment date and time for the us to evaluate, price and complete your job. Upon evaluating your needs, we will provide you with a written estimate including project details before any work is done. If the price is acceptable and materials are available, the technicians in most cases are prepared to do the work for you the same day we come out. We will also coordinate a mutually agreeable schedule to complete your work should there be something preventing the work from being done on that same day.

Upon completion we will review all work completed with you and to ensure your complete satisfaction and review any final instructions regarding your installation or repair. Our office staff will perform a follow up within 48 hours with you to ensure your system is still working fine and you are completely satisfied. Upon your inspection and satisfaction, an invoice will be provided for your approval.

Our Team:

We are extremely fortunate to have a team of highly ethical, highly qualified, customer orientated professionals. People, who are highly skilled at what they do, and who bring to our company excitement and ambition.

Our Mission:

To provide quality services to Code Standards with integrity and professionalism. To understand and appreciate our customer's needs and to provide the best customer service in our industry in order to maximize customer loyalty.


In the working world, there are jobs and there are careers. Which way are you headed? Well, if you have more than a paycheck in mind, then you've come to the right place. Because at Alliance Corporation we help qualified individuals build meaningful and lasting careers in their chosen fields of endeavor. We are continually growing and finding better ways to do things. If you want to work for a progressive company who seriously cares about its employees, and places employees number 1 before all else, then don't hesitate call today!

Just call for a free quote and consultation today. Nothing to lose. We cover all of PR, and the US.